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for the buildings of tomorrow

Construction for civil and industrial spaces
Safety and eco-sustainability
Construction key in hand

Culture of smart living

At Maker, we aim to create new realities by interpreting the wishes of our customers.
We take care of the management of the building prospectus in every phase, guaranteeing the best materials and the most modern construction techniques, in order to build or renovate civil and industrial structures.

Our company also operates as a General Contractor, relying on selected suppliers, to develop prestigious real estate solutions by offering a turnkey service.

Seriousness and technique:
our specialization


Renovation of villas and apartments with designer finishes.

Conservative restorations

Renovation of prestigious properties with monumental historical significance. The company retains, where possible, original finishes and materials to best enhance the property.

Construction from scratch

Maker guarantees analysis, control, and coordination of the construction site. The technicians supervise every phase of the work, building works that combine ease and safety.

Works for commercial premises

Latest generation structures and systems for hospitality environments. The construction company optimizes energy performance and the perception of comfort offered to the customer.

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