Sustainable building:
the certainty of building the future

Building comfortable spaces while respecting the environment represents one of the most difficult and exciting challenges for Maker.
Our company prefers the use of cutting-edge tools and technologies and fine materials. The rigorous care of each phase of the project, combined with experience and technical skills, make Maker highly reliable.
Our company has obtained the most important quality certifications, demonstrating that our construction techniques are modern and comply with sustainable building standards, to guarantee our customers safety and superior quality.

Our point of strenght

Selection of cutting-edge materials and proper disposal of construction site waste: co-building greener houses in a sustainable way.
The company policy guides us to reduce the impact of our activities on the ecosystem: reduce waste and raise awareness for the benefit of our territory.
We work with our clients, providing weekly reports and accompanying them on-site inspections. We build relationship based on trust every day with seriousness, reliability, and integrity.
We always fully follow the safety regulations and working hours established on-site. Our company is a familiar and sociable environment made up of a local workforce to promote active policies functional to the employment needs of the territory.



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